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How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

I am Paul Thomas, a metal fusion sculptor based in Herefordshire. I create both interior
and garden sculptures. Working with recycled metal such as bicycle chain, engine and tool parts. I sometimes mix my creations with stone and driftwood. Using wildlife and nature as my inspiration, I also create abstract designs. My ethos is to use as much recycled material as possible in my work to be as environmentally friendly as I can. My sculptures range from a life-sized female
forms, water features, to an Eagle Ray made from metal nuts and bicycle chain. Each piece is
individually designed due to the nature of the materials I source. I have also undertaken
commissions such as a Leopard made from bicycle chain and a Spitfire using motor
vehicle parts. These can be seen on my website.
www.paulsmetalcrafting.com, there is a link on the website to my Paul"s Metal Crafting
Facebook page. (www.facebook.com/Tomo1150)
I have a gallery in my garden Brynithel, Kingstone, Herefordshire, HR2 9HJ
Telephone: 07778 039934 call for opening hours
My work can also be seen at
Canwood Gallery HR1 4NF,
Canfas Gallery, Cardigan.
I have a piece in the Memorial Garden at the Neville Hall Hospital in Abergavenny

For you what does being an artist mean?: 

It allows me to express myself as I see the world. Sometimes just by recognising the beauty in nature and trying to create objects that reflect that through the medium of ordinary metal objects such as a bicycle chain, old workshop tools or motor vehicle engine parts. I love exploring my imagination and seeing where it takes me.

Describe what you call yourself/your practice?: 

I am Paul Thomas, a metal Fusion Sculptor. I am known by Paul"s Metal Crafting.

CV & Education, relevant & leading to your artistic practice: 

I am totally self taught with my Mig Welder, which is the tool of my art.

Exhibitions in the last 3 years: 

The Sculpture Trail, Hellens Manor, Much Marcle as part of Hellens Garden Festival for the past years.
Canfas Gallery Cardigan SA43 1HY

Your gallery outlets/stockists: 

My own Metal Craft Gallery, Brynithel, Kingstone, HR2 9HJ
Canfas Art Gallery, Manchester House, Grosvenor Hill, Cardigan, SA43 1HY
Canwood Gallery HR1 4NF

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