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Julie Cooper

How would you describe the work you do and why?: 


Essentially I am an abstract painter who uses drawing and figuration where necessary to describe the subject.  I work in oil paint on canvas, layering the paint on, scraping it back to reveal under layers and drawing into it. 

Paintings may be influenced by subjects as diverse as a total white out on a snowy winter day, walking through a landscape, experiencing a foreign place and my emotional response to it or capturing the strength, energy and astonishing elegance of horses or hounds. 

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Artwork for Julie Cooper

Moon Dog

abstract oil painting


Pagan Poetry

Oil painting

In the Char Bagh Gardens

abstract oil painting

Across the Divide


Horseway Head, Staunton on Arrow
01544 387551

May 2018 Marches Makers Festival, Kington

March 2018, solo exhibition at The Table Gallery, Hay on Wye

2016 ArtWorks Group Exhibition at The Theatre Gallery, Hertford Theatre, Hertford

2016 Courtyard Open Exhibition, Courtyard Gallery, Hertford, Hertfordshire

2015 “India”, solo exhibition The Theatre Gallery, Hertford, Hertfordshire

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