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Jenny Pearce

How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

Willow Basket Maker working with homegrown and Somerset willow

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Artwork for Jenny Pearce

Rosebud Bread Basket, willow

Linen Basket, willow

Detail of Catalan Platter, willow

Oval Umbrella Basket, willow

Catalan Platter, willow

Detail of Log Basket

Catalan Platter

Detail of Recycling Basket


Canon Frome
01531 670574

Designed for Christmas - Weavers Gallery, Ledbury Annual Exhibition

Rugged Earth - Trumpet gallery - Jul - Aug 2016

Art at The Colloquy - Lyonshall 29-30 Nov 2016

Out of the Woods - Trumpet Gallery 29 May - 8 Jun 2017

Worcester Guild - Spring Festival & Autumn Show, Malvern - Annual Events

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