paper insects
Kate Kato
abstract painting
Peter Horrocks
Ceramics, lidded vessels
Rachel Padley
Ali Tregaskes
abstract painting
Julie Cooper

Take Part

h.Art 2022 is CLOSED for entry NOW.  But Read on for Information on How To Take Part in 2023  


Information on how things work if you're thinking of taking part for the first time.

Firstly - think about what would suit you best? Are you going to show your artwork at home, in your own workspace/studio/garage? Do you want to invite someone else to join you? Or perhaps you'd prefer to join a group? Or maybe you have a fantastic space and you want to invite artists to come and set up a pop up show there?  Also consider how much time and effort you feel able to put in, to get the most out of h.Art ideally your venue needs to be open for nine days from at least 11am until 5pm. You can of course open early than 11am and stay open later than 5pm if you want too.

Please note; You can open for less hours or days but your your venue details will be in a different *part of the guide to those open for the core hours of 11am - 5pm. *The section is called 'Venues with varied openings' and follows on from the geographical sections.

Think about all of these things and plan early, talk to creatives you know, put out feelers, make h.Art visits to check out what others do.  From October email Mel with 'Call Out' information ( to put on the website Artist Notice Board (see home page) or ENewsletters.

Once you know what you're doing, where and who you're doing it with, the next stage will be completing the two-part online forms. The forms open Tues 7 February and close Weds 8 March 2023. Keep an eye on the Artist Notice Board on the home page, this will keep you up to date with what you need to do and when. And don't forget to read your h.Art emailed Newsletters, please ask to be sent one if you don't get it already.  

Contact us if you would like to be added to the Artist/Venue contact list, it's how we stay in touch and keep participants in the loop  or email


For participants h.Art 2023 kicks off on 7 February.  

To be involved you need to get on board and complete TWO online forms, CLOSED NOW

Final payment and completion of the both forms are needed by 8 March 2023


Who needs to complete what form?

Individual Artists – complete Form 1 to create your online Artist Profile, you can choose from two price options. Then complete Form 2 for your studio/venue, see costs and details of what’s sort of thing is asked on the both forms further below.

Artists showing in one venue in groups of any size – each artist in the group completes Form 1 to create their online Artist Profile, you can choose from two price options, see costs and details asked on the forms further below. Once all artists have completed their Form 1, nominate one person from your group to complete Form 2. Nb All artists involved in groups still need to be aware of and take responsibility for the content included on Form 2.

Galleries – complete Form 1 to create your online Gallery Profile. Then complete Form 2 for details about who and what you are showcasing for h.Art, see costs and details of what’s sort of thing is asked on the both forms further below. *Galleries are considered to be businesses open most of the year and hold continuous or rolling exhibitions/shows of various artist’s work. Artists you show, don’t necessarily need to have an Artist profile page, but you or the artist can choose to complete an Artist Profile form, if you feel the link with your gallery will be beneficial to you both.

Nb Completion of Form 1 only, gives you an online presence on the h.Art website ONLY. To fully be part of h.Art you need to be linked to a venue e.g., your studio venue, your group venue.  This involves completion of both forms, which includes you in the event; the printed guide; use of the h.Art logo/branding; publicity material and signage for September and at the Christmas weekends this year.



Form 1, the Artist Profile form or the Gallery Profile form (h.Art definition of *Gallery above). Please fill in the right form for you.

Artist Profile = your contact details, website link, if applicable & 4 images, you can change images anytime until the end of the year – for £27 only complete pages 1 & 2.

or include more about you & your practice, your stockists, up and coming events & 8 images, all editable anytime until the end of the year – for £35 complete pages 1, 2 & 3.

Gallery Profile = Gallery contact details, website link, general info about your gallery business & 8 images, all editable anytime until the end of the year - £45   

Nb. Your images  - we recommend images no less than 1mb or 1024px x 1024px to allow for them to be displayed and printed clearly. But the larger the image you supply the better it will look. If the files are really large the website will automatically reduce them. If any image isn’t saving properly e.g., Wrong way round - remove it. Then go back into your own image file and edit it using photo shop or similar.  Turn it around or play with the format to get it the right way around. Save again and upload it again. Also your Artist Profile form will not let you 'confirm & pay' unless you have uploaded at least one image with the 'medium' stated.


Form 2, the Venue form, to be completed by the venue organiser. The 'venue organiser' can be a single artist in a studio; a nominated person in a group or a gallery owner.

Form 2 is all about the venue & event details for h.Art Week including directions; access; what's happening; who's participating. It's used for the printed guide and venue/event information on the website. The image or images you choose to use on the Venue form is/are used in the printed guide on your venue entry - you choose which size entry and cost option is best for your venue, ask to see *fee structure (out from late Oct) or find these costs on the form (*fee structure request email; .  It's always a good idea to use images which will actually be on show in September, visitors tend to want to see those artworks.  The Venue Organiser for a group needs all of their participating artists to have completed Form 1, before they can complete Form 2. Gallery owners complete Form 2 as well, but should have completed their Gallery Profile first. Please note if you cannot open for the minimum core hours of 11am - 5pm for nine days for whatever reason, your entry will be in the Varied Openings section. 

For 2023 - Deadline for completing both forms and paying in full is Weds 8 March.

Forms are found by clicking on the appropriate box below, but are currently closed.

2022 Artists and Galleries - please continue to edit your profile pages anytime until the end of December - click on the Artist or Gallery Profile boxes below to get back in.  

2022 Venue Organisers can edit the WEBSITE section on their venue forms anytime up until the end of December - click on the Venue Form box to get back in. 

February 7

Take Part forms OPEN
All artists & galleries complete Profile Form 1

One person from each venue completes Venue Form 2

Help to answer your queries from both the h.Art Organiser and The Advisory Group

March 9

Deadline for Taking Part
Both forms close

May - June

Advisory Group members contact Venue Organisers

Support for participants to discuss and exchange ideas with neighbouring venues

July 19 & 20

Publicity Pick Up
for participants

h.Art Week

Christmas Open Studios

Last Nov weekend
First Dec weekend