The Hill oil on canvas
Alison Grimley
Contemporary glass
Nina Casson Mc Garva
Apple Trees painting Chris Williams
Chris Williams
Shelly Perkins
Shelly Perkins
Jane Hickman

Take Part

h.Art 2021 is closed for entry.

ALL 2021 PARTICIPATING artists and galleries can update their Artist and Gallery Profile pages until January 2022.  Click on the Artist or Gallery Profile box below to edit. Contact Mel if you've forgotten how to do this. 


Information on how things work if you're thinking of taking part next year.

Firstly - think about what would suit you best? Are you going to show your artwork at home, in your own workspace/studio/garage? Do you want to invite someone else to join you? Or perhaps you'd prefer to join a group? Or maybe you have a fantastic space and you want to invite artists to come and set up a pop up show there?  Also consider how much time and effort you feel able to put in, to get the most out of h.Art ideally your venue needs to be open for nine days from at least 11am until 5pm.

Please note; You can open for less hours or days but you may (tbc yet to be decided for 2022), find your venue details in a different part of the guide to those open for the core hours of 11am - 5pm. This is unpopular with artists, but easier for visitors, and came about as a result of feedback we've had from visitors over the years.  We've tried various ways of making different opening times clear in the printed guide: seperate sections, same geographical section but at the end; clock symbols, which indicate viitors need to check times closely. None of these things have proved to work well for both artists and visitors.  We can't win, either the artists are unhappy with it or the visitors grumble. But it's being reviewed again this October by the h.Art Advisory Group, taking on board comments received. 

Think about all of these things and plan early, talk to creatives you know, put out feelers, make h.Art visits to check out what others do.  Email Mel with 'Call Out' information to put on the website Artist Notice Board (see home page) or ENewsletters.

Once you know what you're doing, where and who you're doing it with, the next stage will be completing the two-part online forms. They will be available from 7 March and the strict deadline is 20 April 2022. Keep an eye on the Artist Notice Board on the home page, this will keep you up to date with what you need to do and when. And don't forget to read your h.Art emailed Newsletters, please ask to be sent one if you don't get it already.  

Contact us if you would like to be added to the Artist/Venue contact list, it's how we stay in touch and keep participants in the loop  


For participants h.Art 2022 kicks off in Spring To be involved you need to get on board via the TWO-PART online registration process between 7 March & 20 April 2022.  

Part 1 - ALL Artists and Galleries taking part, supply information via the online form Part 1 from 7 March to create your

all year/editable *Artist or **Gallery Profile page online:

*Artist Profile = your contact details & 4 images or more of about you & your practice & 8 images.

**Gallery Profile = about your gallery business & 8 images.   Galleries are considered to be businesses open most of the year and hold continuous or rolling exhibitions/shows of various artist’s work. 


Part 2 - The Venue Organiser supplies information via the online form Part 2. Part 2 includes details about the venue, directions, acccess etc.  The 'venue organiser' can be a single artist in a studio; a nominated person in a group or a gallery owner. The Venue Organiser needs all of their participating artists to have completed Part 1 if they are doing the form on behalf of a group show. Gallery owners complete Part 2 as well, but should have completed their Gallery Profile first.  Deadline for completing all forms is 20 April. Part 2 is all about the details for your h.Art Week event/venue, e.g directions; what's happening; who's participating. It's used for the printed guide and your event/venue information on the website. The image or images you choose to use for Part 2 is/are used in the printed guide on your venue entry. It's always a good idea to use images which will actually be on show in September, visitors tend to want to see those artworks.