Path by the Wye
Stuart Roper
Pouring Bronze
Tim Rawlins
Adam & Eve
Shelly Perkins
Peter King
Floods at Staunton on Wye
Kathryn Moore

Take Part

h.Art is a showcase for the wealth of creative talent in Herefordshire.

This year will be a two part registration process. 

MARCH 1 - 31st - All artists and galleries need to register and complete the online form by clicking on the box titled 'Artists' or  'Galleries' further below. Galleries are considered to be businesses open most of the year and hold continuous or rolling exhibitions/shows of various artist’s work.

APRIL 1 - 29th - All venues need to complete the online form by clicking on the box titled 'Venues' further below.  

Meanwhile, please contact us if you would like to be added to the Artist/Venue contact list, it's how we stay in touch and keep participants in the loop  


2019 visitor comments 

We absolutely look forward to being stimulated & enthused by h.Art - thank you all. - Nottingham

A truly wonderful event with amazing inspiration. I will make it a priority next year - Leeds

We meet some enthusiastic and talented artist and are inspired to learn more. Love this week! - Worc

Hugely impressed by number of participating artists

Thank you for the days out, always looked forward too.

Very high standard of art, excellent venues; I left feeling impressed, inspired and looking forward to next year - Monmouth

h.Art is great

Very well organised and sign posted. We came to Herefordshire for 7 days deliberately to visit the Arts Trail, having found it by chance 5 years ago.