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Annabelle Oppenheimer

How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

Artist printmaker

I work in etching, drypoint, collagraph, lino and woodcut. I use the print process, both intaglio and relief, often combining two plates for one image, for example by first printing a collagraph plate and then overprinting with a drypoint plate. 

My subject matter is usually found in natural form and landscape.  I am constantly looking, drawing, collecting and storing images from walking both locally and further afield. Light and its changing effects are very important to me, giving life to movements, patterns and shapes within the landscape.

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Artwork for Annabelle Oppenheimer

collagraph with drypoint

Dog's Bay

silk aquatint collagraph

Reflections 1

silk aquatint collagraph



Safety in Numbers

3 block woodcut

Leaf Fall


Pencombe near Bromyard
01886 880240

h.Art 2014 - open studio

h.Art 2016 - open studio

Erwood Station Gallery - work showing ongoing since November 2014

The Chapel, Bromyard

Joint exhibition Blue Ginger Gallery May 2016

Joint exhibition Blue Ginger Gallery June 2017

h.Art 2017 @ Blue Ginger Gallery Cradley

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