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Sharon Curtis

How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

Contemporary Printmaker & Paper-cut Artist

My art has two mediums - Hand-cut Paper and Reduction Lino Prints.

I create three-dimensional artworks inspired by flora and fauna on the finest quality papers, with intricate designs that are completely cut by hand using the equivalent of a surgeon’s scalpel - no dies or lasers are used in the process. Each piece is a unique original as there will always be variances between two apparently identical pieces.  I create only a very limited number of each different artwork.

As a reduction-lino printmaker, I am curious about the passion people have toward 20th Century icons and am motivated by the bright and vibrant colours used in the popular imagery of things like iconic brands, iconic people, etc., and have sought to create a tribute to them in my lino art.


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Artwork for Sharon Curtis

Butterflies - Hand-cut Paper Art

Pears & Apples - Hand-cut Paper Art

Apples & Pears - Hand-cut Paper Art

I Love You Marmite - Reduction Lino Print

lino print

Bombay Sapphire

lino print

Smirnoff Vodka

lino cut

Marmite ‘I Love You’ Scarlet

lino cut



Studio in Ross-on-Wye
07817 180272

May 2018                           RHS Malvern Spring Festival with the Worcester Guild

June 2018                           Worcester Open Studio’s

August 2018                      Art in Penallt, Monmouthshire. 

September 2018               h.Art - Open Studio, Ross-on-Wye

Sept – Oct 2018                 ‘Autumn Exhibition’, Haymakers, Hay-on-Wye

September 2018               RHS Malvern Autumn Show with the Worcester Guild

November 2018                ‘Craftworks’ Worcester Porcelain Museum

Nov – Jan 2019                  ‘Winter Exhibition’ Old Mayor’s Parlour, Hereford

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