Jane Hickman
Apple Trees painting Chris Williams
Chris Williams
Rebecca Davis
Rebecca Davis
Snog Furniture
Snog Furniture, Peter Morgan

 h.Art Sat 3 - Sun 11 September 

Take your time to feel uplifted and inspired by Herefordshire's creative people. 

Enrich your homes and lives with their wonderfully varied art and craftworks.

Explore all the venues and artists taking part by clicking on ‘All Venues’ in the navigation bar at the top of the page https://www.h-art.org.uk/explore/artists You can choose to explore by location, artist, artform, venue or gallery. Each venue page has a link to google maps.

Whilst you’re on this site check out each artist’s or gallery profile page. Artists and galleries update their pages through out the year, so you can check out what’s new with them and follow your favourites until the end of the year.

If you visited h.Art venues last September, we'd love you to hold onto your guide, you can use it as an artist directory to get back in touch if you prefer not to use the website. 


 If you are an artist or venue interested in taking part for the first time, please contact Mel to ask to be included on the h.Art artist/venue email contact list;  info@h-art.org.uk

Taking Part - scroll to Artist Notice Board further down this page  nb. The online forms will OPEN on 7 FEBRUARY (Closing 9 MARCH), they will be found in The Take Part section of this site from 7 February.




Artist Notice Board

Would you like to take part in h.Art?

Would you like to be part of h.Art? If you are an artist living or working in Herefordshire or close to the County border (within 5 miles) and want to take part, read on for info on what to do and when.What to do? - Artists and venues, check out who's on site and start talking and searching for each other. Talk to other artists and venues about what's involved. Ask to be signed up to the h.Art E Newsletters, email Mel; mel@h-art.org.uk  See Notice Board 3 for more info...

All h.Art participants sign up via our online forms from 7 Feb to 9 March, go to the TAKE PART page from 7 Feb http://www.h-art.org.uk/take-part.  h.Art 2022 happens Sat 3 - Sun 11September



h.Art Emerging Artist Bursary info

h.Art offers two bursaries to emerging professional artists with the aim of supporting those who have chosen to live and work in the County and who wish to take part in h.Art but can’t afford to.

The bursary is for the value of £215, it’s a non-cash prize offering you two ways of taking part;

You can open your own space/studio and have a 1/6-page advert entry in the printed guide your online artist profile will include eight images of your work and more detailed information about you and your work and outlets.


You can be part of a group of your choice. Your proportion of the group entry fee will be covered, up to the value of £180 and your Artist Fee (£35 online profile) will be covered.


If you are successful in getting a bursary - and have already registered as an open studio, or as part of a group and paid, you and the venue organiser will be given a refund.

If you are unsuccessful in getting a bursary - but you have gone ahead with registration for any event and paid, your commitment will still stand and you/the venue organiser will not be offered any refund.


  • Applicants must live or have an established studio address within the Herefordshire county boundaries.
  • Applications from artists and makers working in any media are welcomed.
  • Applicants must be new to semi/professional arts practice, and been in business for no longer than 24 months.
  • Successful artists are required to take part in publicity in connection with the bursary.
  • Applicants must not have received the h.Art bursary before

How to apply

Please request an application form (from 7 February) by emailing: info@h-art.org.uk

The application must be submitted with up to ten images of your work. Images should be printed or emailed as jpegs files. Applications can be posted or emailed.

Applicants who refer the Advisory Group to a website or any social media site to see their images will not be considered.

Deadline for the receipt of applications: 9 March 

Selection - The h.Art Advisory Group will consider applications on Tuesday 22 March 

To Take Part in h.Art - online forms will OPEN on 7 February, and CLOSE 9 March, don’t miss it…

To be involved you need to get on board and complete TWO online forms, both OPEN on 7 February.  Final payment and completion of the both forms are needed by 9 March CLOSING Day

FORM 1 -  the Artist Profile form or the *Gallery Profile form (h.Art definition *Galleries are considered to be businesses open most of the year and hold continuous or rolling exhibitions/shows of various artist’s work)

FORM 2 - to be completed by the venue organiser. The 'venue organiser' can be a single artist in a studio; a nominated person in a group or a gallery owner. The Venue form ​is all about the venue & event details for h.Art Week including directions; access; what's happening; who's participating. It's used for the printed guide and venue/event information on the website. The image or images you choose to use on the Venue form is/are used in the printed guide on your venue entry- you choose which size entry and cost option is best for your venue, see fee structure further below.  It's always a good idea to use images which will actually be on show in September, visitors tend to want to see those artworks.  The Venue Organiser for a group needs all of their participating artists to have completed Form 1, before they can complete Form 2. Gallery owners complete Form 2 as well, but should have completed their Gallery Profile first. Please note if you cannot open for the minimum core hours of 11am - 5pm for nine days for whatever reason, your entry will be in the Varied Openings section. 

Who needs to complete what form? Please fill in the right form for you.

  • Individual Artists – complete Form 1 to create your online Artist Profile, you can choose from two price options. Then complete Form 2 for your studio/venue, see costs and details of what’s sort of thing is asked on the both forms further below.


  • Artists showing in one venue in groups of any size – each artist in the group completes Form 1 to create their online Artist Profile, you can choose from two price options, see costs and details asked on the forms further below. Once all artists have completed their Form 1, nominate one person from your group to complete Form 2. Nb All artists involved in groups still need to be aware of and take responsibility for the content included on Form 2.


  • Galleries – complete Form 1 to create your online Gallery Profile. Then complete Form 2 for details about who and what you are showcasing for h.Art, see costs and details of what’s sort of thing is asked on the both forms further below. *Galleries are considered to be businesses open most of the year and hold continuous or rolling exhibitions/shows of various artist’s work. Artists you show, don’t necessarily need to have an Artist profile page, but you or the artist can choose to complete an Artist Profile form, if you feel the link with your gallery will be beneficial to you both.


Nb Completion of Form 1 only, gives you an online presence on the h.Art website ONLY. To fully be part of h.Art you need to be linked to a venue e.g., your studio venue, your group venue.  This involves completion of both forms, which includes you in the event; the printed guide; use of the h.Art logo/branding; publicity material and signage for September and at the Christmas weekends this year.

Deadline for completing both forms and paying in full is 9 March

Find forms (and go back into edit) here: https://www.h-art.org.uk/take-part