Marie-Therese King
Wendy Houghton
Angela Conner
Nick Holmes
Corinna Kenyon-Wade

8-16th September 2018

Herefordshire Art Week is a nine day art trail, for arists, craftmakers and creative businesses to open studios, galleries and group exhibitions to raise their profile and sell artwork.

Notice Board

NEWS for ARTISTS thinking or planning to take part this year

Contact Mel Potter at if you need to ask questions or be added to the artists/venues or visitors contact lists to receive direct information.

ONLINE registration for h.Art opens on 5th March and closes on 16 April. All artists/venues must be fully signed up by 16 April to take part..


How to get and keep in touch with h.Art

If you are an artist new to h.Art and interested in taking part in 2018, contact to be added to the artist or venue contact lists to ensure you're in the loop and receive all h.Art information. The next communciation will be sent to all artists on our list on 22 Feb, please check your emails then.

Likewise if you are a visitor to h.Art and want h.Art updates, please let us add you to our email list and/or postal list for a guide. Email with your details and say which list you would like to be added too. 

FREE h.Art guides will start to be distributed in late July around Herefordshire and to art centres, libraries and visitor attractions within an 80 mile radius of the County.

Feedback from h.Art 2017

Some main points from artists feedback: 

What are the principal reasons for taking part in h.Art 2017?  Not suprisingly the top three reasons to this question are:

  • Raising the profile of your work/studio 
  • Sales of work 
  • Gaining feedback from visitors

Artists feedback on h.Art was very positive on the whole as expressed in these responses:

  • h.Art has been very worthwhile – 100%
  • I would recommend h.Art to others - 100%
  • I enjoyed h.Art - 97% 

Some main points from visitors feedback: 

How many venues are you hoping to visit this year?  Numbers of people going to more venues keep increasing. Since last year, figures almost doubled on this answer of 6 - 10 venues.  

What are the main reasons you attend? The top three responses to this question are:

  • Enjoyable day out                                                
  • To purchase artwork                                         
  • See and talk to artists in their studios  

 h.Art visitors continue to rate it highly as expressed by these results:

  • I enjoyed h.Art                                     88% strongly agree       
  • I would recommend h.Art to others     84% strongly agree