A Break in the Blizzard by Sean Crawfod
Sean Crawford
Menna Elfyn portrait by Clae Eastgate
Clae Eastgate
Croquet Lawn in Snow_ mixed media
Kathryn Moore
Carved Oak Chest by Alison Hugh Milton
Alison Hugh Milton
Tryptich frame OPEN
Sara Jane Harper

 h.Art 2024 happens on

Sat 7 to Sun 15 September 

Take your time to feel uplifted and inspired by Herefordshire's creative people. 

Enrich your homes and lives with their wonderfully varied art and craftworks.


How to explore - 

Click on ‘All Venues’ at the top of the page. You can choose to explore by location, artist, artform, venue or gallery. Each venue page has a link to google maps or you can download the printed guide version of the Count map here.

Artists and galleries update their pages through out the year, so you can check out what’s new with them and follow your favourites until the end of the year.

All 2023 artists, galleries and venue images and information will disappear in January, This is to make way for the 2024 entries, which will start to appear on site in February. Everyone taking part will be on site by mid March, check out the site again then.


Download the printed 2023 guide - click on the word, or find it via the navigation bar at the top of this page. The 2024 guide will be available to download around mid July.

We'd love you to hold onto your guide, you can use it as an artist directory to get back in touch. 



UPDATES/changes for the 2023 h.Art PRINTED Brochure 

Artists missing on the Artist Index under Paint, Pastel, Pencil, 2D Mixed Media:


David Cope - St Michael's Kingsland, venue 117 - Click here - David Cope's Artist Profile 

Deb L Bunker - Radnorshire Artists, venue 89 - Click here - Deb L Bunker's Artist Profile

Chiara De Cabarrus - Radnorshire Artists, venue 89 - Click here - Chiara De Cabarrus's Artist Profile

Michael Capstick - Radnorshire Artists, venue 89 - Click here - Michael Capstick's Artist Profile

Gretchen Ind  - Click here - Gretchen Ind's Artist Profile

Ruth Kirkby - Radnorshire Artists, venue 89 - Click here - Ruth Kirkby's Artist's Profile

Shelagh Popham - Radnorshire Artists, venue 89 - Click here - Shelagh Popham's Artist Profile



Artist and Venues taking part - scroll down on this page to the Artist Notice Board for participant information and updates.

Please note the online forms are CLOSED for this year now.  Information on How to Take Part in 2024, Sat 7 - Sun 15 Sept can be found in the Take Part section of this site. If you are an artist or venue interested in taking part but want to join with someone else or you're looking for artists to join you, check out the Artist Notice Board Call Outs at the bottom of this page up to March.

Please email Mel with your call out information, if you would like to have it included on the Board later in the year, or to ask to be included on the h.Art artist/venue email contact list: info@h-art.org.uk 




February 6

Take Part forms OPEN
All artists & galleries complete Profile Form 1

One person from each venue completes Venue Form 2

Help to answer your queries from both the h.Art Organiser and The Advisory Group

March 6

Deadline for Taking Part
Both forms close

May - June

Advisory Group members contact Venue Organisers

Support for participants to discuss and exchange ideas with neighbouring venues

July 17 & 18

Publicity Pick Up
for participants.
Check for updates on
Artist Notice Board

h.Art Week

Christmas Open Studios

Last Nov weekend
First Dec weekend

Artist Notice Board


If you have any ‘call outs’ you would like me to share via the website and future E newsletters, please email Mel the wording formatted along the lines of the call outs on the next Notice Board.

Artists seeking others:

Sarah Hanner Hopwood - Hello, I'm new to h.Art and looking to join a venue near Eardisley. I paint small format watercolour landscapes and I'm currently experimenting with clay. I work full time so I could steward for a couple of days but not be there in person for the whole event. My work can be seen here: https://www.instagram.com/sarahhannerhopwood/

I am used to exhibiting and sell frequently in Oxfordshire, Broadway Festival and Country Living events. Thank you!

Contact Sarah at: boohanhop@gmail.com


Carol Dash - I am looking to share a venue for 2024 h.Art. I am a felter and ideally, I’d like to be in the Bromyard/North/East area near to where I live and work. My website is: 


Please contact: caroldash@icloud.com


Anna Mcloughlin (Anna Fine Jewellery) - I design and make fine jewellery using recycled precious metals and gemstones and would love to exhibit at a venue in either central Herefoprd or Ross on Wye. I'm happy to steward for one or two days if this is required, but I wouldn't be able to be there for the whole of h.Art. My work can be viewed at http://www.annafinejewellery.co.uk
Please contact Anna at: info@finejewellery.co.uk


Venues seeking artists:

No information yet…

Are you looking for artists to join you at your venue, or searching for a great space to show at next year?

Are you looking for artists to join you at your venue, or searching for a great space to show at next year?

If anyone is looking for anyone/anything specific and you want me to put out your request for 2024 on the Artist Notice Board and in the next h.Art ENewsletter. Please let Mel know.  Be specific about what you are looking for and what you are offering and include relevant contact details.

Something along these lines, e.g., from a venue

Joe Bloggs - I have a barn five miles from Hereford which I think would be a fantastic venue for sculptors, but I would want the artists to organise everything, but I will contribute X percentage of the Venue fee payment. See my venue here/link Contact Joe at X to chat informally.


Something along these lines, e.g., from an artist –

Johanna Bloggs - I work in watercolour but on a large scale and I’m looking for a small friendly group to show with, preferably in the South of the County. See my work here/link Contact Johanna at X


 You can contact someone via their contact details on the website.

Go here and if you search by artist or venue, and scroll down their page you will find their contact details. You can also search via artform or location if that is better.