Corinna Kenyon-Wade
Nick Holmes
Angela Conner
Marie-Therese King
Wendy Houghton

9-17th September 2017

Herefordshire Art Week is a nine day art trail, for arists, craftmakers and creative businesses to open studios, galleries and group exhibitions to raise their profile and sell artwork.

Notice Board

Welcome to the new website

Dear h.Art viewers,supporters, welcome to the new site

I hope you'll find lots of artists who interest you. Have fun starting to plan who'll you'll visit in September, and please bookmark the page to take check out your favourites new work, as they create more.

Artists/Venues publicity pick up

For h.Artists

Don't forget to pick up your guides, over-printable posters & pink road signs. Or arrange for someone to collect on your behalf if you're not around:

Anytime between 11am - 3pm, Tues 18 July - at Queenswood, Dinmore Hill, HR6 0PY, follow the h.Art signs up the track through the woods to Brian Gray's.

Anytime between 1pm - 6pm, Thurs 20 July - as above

Gallery arrangements

Galleries - please note, Brian Gray will not be delivering direct to any of you this year.

You will need to make collection arrangements or contact Brian and arrange with him direct, contact Mel for Brian's contact details.

Brian Gray will deliver to anyone for a small charge if collection is difficult for you, contact Mel for Brian's details.