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How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

Artist Jeweller and Silversmith

Including a variety of complimentary materials which can include sewing, painting/dying techniques.

I make unique contemporary sculptural jewellery and artefacts:  usually with silver, a wonderfully malleable metal and weave in stones, fabric, natural, found or synthetic objects as the piece I am working on demands.  The overall form, textures, movement and colour are important.  

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Artwork for Angela Soulier


Neckpiece, jewellery

Seashore. Neckpiece with a branch of coral & silver


Green Butterfly. Necklace with green agate, turquoise & silver


Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - marionette

silver vessel

Vessel & Saucer 2


For you what does being an artist mean?: 

Creating and making have always been integral to my life, the way I express myself.   Rendering the materials, I use into new and unexpected shapes and forms so we see them in new and exciting ways.   I am constantly striving to improve my practice and challenging myself by trying new techniques and introducing new materials which I hope inject an element of surprise and keep my work fresh.

CV & Education: 

School of Design in Mexico City 1974 -1977


Short courses Sir John College London, 1979-80, 2004

Short Course West Dean College, Using Found Objects 2012

I am also self-taught and learnt a lot with tutors from the silversmithing town of Taxco in Mexico

I currently also work at the Silverworkbench in Dilwyn where tuition/help is available.

Practice & Activities: 
Private commissions, studio practice, exhibiting – the display is very important for me. Adding to my collection of objects and materials.

h.Art 2017 – open studio

La Vie de Boheme Gallery, Broglie, Normandy France – 2017

  “Summer Paradise” with painter Claire Haquet

h.Art 2016 - open studio

h.Art 2015 – open studio

Workhouse Gallery Presteigne – have shown work 2011 and 2012

The Artshop Gallery Abergavenny – have shown work 2015

Various exhibitions in France between 2003 and 2010

Mexico – exhibitions in various galleries between 1978 - 1992

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