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How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

Hand Woven Textile Designer

I create bespoke hand woven fabrics, using high quality Lambswool. I find constant inspiration from the countryside I am surrounded by but also enjoy exploring and find inspiration from the sea and rustic architecture.

I start the design process on my table loom, putting colours and proportions together, once I am happy I create small batches of fabric on my floor loom. I then darn and wash my fabric ready for me to make into products.

I started my small business on my table loom and continued this way for around 4 years before making the decision to use a larger loom, I only create small batches of fabrics and products at one time, this is an important part of  why I do what I do as I am able to continually develop my fabrics, products and be able offer bespoke work.

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Artwork for Gaby Devitt

Card winding

Handwoven Sample

Handwoven Sample

Printed lampshade


Honister bag

handwoven interior accessories

Handwoven lampshade

designer made lampshade

Handwoven Lampshade

designer made lampshade

Handwoven Lampshade


18 The Basement, Ross-on-Wye
07769 290 567

Craft Gallery                                      Old Mayors Parlour, Hereford                                    Feb 2017

35 year Anniversary                         Craft & Design Centre, Leeds                                      September 2017

Winter Showcase                              Mostyn, Llandudno                                                       Oct 2017 – Jan 2018

‘All Ways Green’                                Craft Renaissance, Usk                                                  April 2018

‘Full of the Joys’                                 The Byre, Hounster Hill, Cornwall                               March 2019

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