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Jo Dewar

How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

Textile and Wire Artist

My work involves working with a variety of textiles such as copper wire and hand printed fabrics to make collages and embroideries. The malleability of the copper wire I use enables me to weave it and to turn the wire into a textile to create jewellery as well as 3D pieces and I love to use an eclectic colour palette that is less uniform.  It is an unusual process that attracts a lot of attention when I am working and the finished work is always fun and vibrant.

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Artwork for Jo Dewar

Manipulated wire brooch

Manipulated wire cuff

Manipulated wire brooches

Knitted wire bracelets

woven wire object

Woven Wire Caravan

woven wire jewellery

Woven Wire Wise Ladies

woven wire objects

Woven Wire Ducks

Knitted Wire Bracelet

Knitted Wire Bracelets


Blue Ginger Gallery
01886 880240

Contemporary Textile Fair, Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington, Middlesex 2016/17

h.Art Blue Ginger, Cradley, Worcs 2016/17/18

Malvern Spring Festival, Worcestershire Guild – Contemporary Craft 2017/18/19

Autumn Show, Worcestershire Guild – Contemporary Craft 2016/17/18

Malthouse Collective, Stroud, Glos 2018/19

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