Carved Oak Chest by Alison Hugh Milton
Alison Hugh Milton
A Break in the Blizzard by Sean Crawfod
Sean Crawford
Menna Elfyn portrait by Clae Eastgate
Clae Eastgate
Tryptich frame OPEN
Sara Jane Harper
Rose by Rose Norman
Rose Norman

Jo Dewar

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Artwork for Jo Dewar

Grey/Collage Linen Vessel

3 Woven Wire Vessels

Day Out On The Hills

Colourful Summer

Within Those Colours

A New Day


How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

I have been working with copper wire now for over 20 years. I love the malleability of the material and have created many pieces either into jewellery or 3D work. I have rediscovered the love of painting and use the textile skills to create collage with mono printing and acrylics.
These two disciplines have been fused together so the woven wire vessels compliment the vibrant artwork.
I enjoy painting landscapes, seascapes and floral studies and work in semi-abstraction that intensifies the natural forms. I work from home in my Mongolian yurt on a farm and hold workshops throughout the year.

For you what does being an artist mean?: 

To be an artist is to observe what is around you and to explore different processes and techniques to enhance the work. We are surrounded by an array of shapes, colours and forms and it is a joy to capture these in your work

Describe what you call yourself/your practice?: 

Mixed Media Artist

Your practice & activities include e.g workshops, teaching: 

I am starting to hold workshops from my Mongolian yurt in creating a sketchbook with mono printing and acrylics and to teach weaving with wire to create jewellery or small 3D objects.

CV & Education, relevant & leading to your artistic practice: 

Arts Foundation Worcester 2000
City and Guilds, Millinery and Free Machine Embroidery

Exhibitions in the last 3 years: 

Broadway Arts 2021
h.Art Colwall Collective 2021
Autumn Fair, Landmark Arts Centre 2022
Weavers Gallery, Ledbury, Designed for Christmas 2021/22

Your gallery outlets/stockists: 

No Gallery outlets

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