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David England

How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

Artist/sculptor - I work in stone (carving), acrylic paintings, drawings and digital artwork. My favourite medium has always been pencil

I've always painted, but around twenty years ago I segued into sculpture, via the box collage. My work is mainly figurative with a strong Celtic influence. I use recurring themes, such as Green Men, Mermaids, Angels and certain animals, hares and wild boars for instance.

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Artwork for David England

Green Man

Roads to Freedom

Mother and Child and Angel

Celtic Wild Boar


Sleeping Mermaid


Much Birch, in between Hereford & Ross

'An Alchemy of Stone' solo exhibtion at Hereford Museum and Art Gallery May 2013

Several group shows around the County, including being part of 'Hellens Garden Festival' sculpture trail in June 2017

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