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Blaze Cyan

How would you describe the work you do and why?: 


Working within the mediums of drawing, etching, and woodcut, my subject area is landscape. Having a particular fascination with ancient trees, the portrayal of time and the beautiful grotesque. I identify with ideas of mystery, the dark woods and the impossible lifespans of veteran trees. I like to work in intense detail, exploring every facet and texture of the subjects. The technique of etching has an unpredictable nature and I find it best to work with the processes allowing them their own input into the work. Drawing in charcoal I also identify with the relationship between the image and substance used to create it.

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Artwork for Blaze Cyan

Croft Castle I

Croft Castle IV

Croft castle III

Croft Castle II


Wellington Woods


Chapel Gallery Bromyard

2016    Time & Tide                                      Wellington College, Berkshire
2018    The Arborealists                               Black Swan Arts, Frome, Somerset
2018    London Original Print Fair               Royal Academy, Piccadilly, London, W1
2018    Print Rebels (RE)                              Bankside Gallery, London SE1
2018    RE Originals                                      Bankside Gallery, London SE1
2017    Arborealists:The Art of Trees          Bermondsey Project Space, London SE1

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