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Lois Hopwood

How would you describe the work you do and why?: 


I think my work began just as a record of my rural life in Wales and very slowly grew into something relatable, something to do with the immutability of the land and the smallness of dwellings in their isolation.

I still make multiple small landscape sketches in pen on walks or on drives and by projecting the sketches in the studio I find a scale to work at that interests me. Looking at a map pinned up on my wall I took the simple idea of piecing sheets of paper together and make my own massive maps. I enjoy the process of making these studio drawings, painting in the white background after redrawing the sketch and rolling down the skies with printing inks

In the summer I will drag an old pram loaded with paints, a chair and long wave radio into the Hay field and paint in acrylics for the joy and speed of it. I sometimes think it's not about painting a picture of the landscape it's about doing a bit of painting in the landscape.

My Abstract paintings in pre-dominantly black oil paint are often just about the act of painting. I paint and draw because it absorbs me completely for a while.

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Artwork for Lois Hopwood

Welsh Landscape Drawing 8

Two horses

The Beacon Welsh Landscape

Hill Farm

landscape drawing

Long Landscape drawings

landscape painting

Landscape with a dwelling


The barn


Landscape sketch


Knucklas Powys Wales near Hereford
01547 529670

Made in the Marches festival group 2018 Kington

Abstract Edge group 2018 Theatre Brecon

Abstract edge group 2017 Shrewsbury

h.Art  group 2017 Discoed Church

Abstract Edge group 2017 The Chapel Gallery 

Oerly Hall project group 2017 Oswestry

Ludlow Open 2016 Aarvon Centre Clun

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