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Shelly Perkins
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William Smith
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Jill Crowther
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Catherine Van Giap
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Lorenzo Gavarini

h.Art at The Laskett


We’re delighted to welcome Artist in Residence Clair Hodgson back to The Laskett for her second season. Artist and jeweller, Clair uses pen and ink and watercolour in her work to create beautiful drawings and painting of the fabulous Laskett gardens, the autobiographical garden created by Sir Roy Strong and his late wife Julia Trevelyan Oman CBE.

Clair has said: “I can happily lose myself in the process of drawing, and have found that I have been easily able to lose track of time whilst working in the garden at The Laskett. Being quiet and still, it has been a wonderful experience to observe the garden through different light conditions, weather and the seasons. Each day the garden is very different. Things have grown, faded, moved, or sometimes disappeared altogether as development work continues.”

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Clair in the garden

Clair Hodgson


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Laskett Lane
Much Birch
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From A49, between Much Birch and Llandinabo, turn onto Laskett Lane

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