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Adrienne Craddock

How would you describe the work you do and why?: 


My most recent work explores the technique of Monoprinting. More akin to painting as these are ‘one off’s’ not editions, although it is possible to make several versions. ‘The Garden’ is a series of work I have been making inspired by the Adam and Eve story. It’s loosely based on musings in the garden, experiences of love, life and the serpent lurking in the undergrowth.

I am enjoying this painterly, looser and less graphic approach. I am loving the feeling of scraping into the ink, drawing with a printing roller and applying layers of colour.

I am inspired by the lush Herefordshire Landscape and observations of the mini dramas of bird and beast which take place in the garden environment.



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Artwork for Adrienne Craddock

Eve Spies a Blackbird, Carborundum print

Sorrow in the Garden, Monoprint

Lucky, Carborundum Print

Sunflower Parade, Monoprint

mono print

Conversation with the Owl


Eve and the Birds


Ticklewithy Pitch



‘Surprise in the Shrubbery’    - 2 person show, The Art Shop and Gallery, Abergavenny April 2017

‘Tales from the Garden’ - Solo Show.  The Waterstreet Gallery, Todmorden, Lancashire May 2018

‘Father and Daughter show’ - Gavaganart, Settle, North Yorkshire April 2019

‘Remedy for Melancholy’ - 2 person show, Blue Ginger gallery June 2019

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