Menna Elfyn portrait by Clae Eastgate
Clae Eastgate
Croquet Lawn in Snow_ mixed media
Kathryn Moore
A Break in the Blizzard by Sean Crawfod
Sean Crawford
Ceramic dogs by Claire Billinglsey
Claire Billingsley
Carved Oak Chest by Alison Hugh Milton
Alison Hugh Milton

Upstairs Collective


A bold and vibrant exhibition, curated by four local contemporary artists: Studio Hancock, Russell Taysom, All Frills Studio, Fold Visuals and Fold + Hide.

Studio Hancock presents vibrant and innovative aluminium objects crafted by serendipity.

Artist and illustrator Russell Taysom showcasing work inspired by cartoons and punk rock.

All Frills Studio hand crafts impactful murals and artwork incorporating bold colours, pattern and type.

Fold Visuals creates striking mixed media pieces, drawing influence from the full spectrum of street art and pop culture.

Fold + Hide uses leather to craft contemporary homeware, furniture and wall art with an industrial aesthetic.

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The Beefy Boys
Old Market
///wiser.never.fires UPSTAIRS at the Beefy Bar

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