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Sara Jane Harper
Rose by Rose Norman
Rose Norman
A Break in the Blizzard by Sean Crawfod
Sean Crawford
Ceramic dogs by Claire Billinglsey
Claire Billingsley
Carved Oak Chest by Alison Hugh Milton
Alison Hugh Milton

Tim Thornton Ceramics


I create vessels that evoke a sense of timelessness; vessels that have been shaped, worn and eroded over the centuries by the forces of nature. Vessels that are both functional and sculptural.

The forms are simple: bowls, plates, jars and bottles, in loose, organic shapes, sometimes working the clay or adding found materials to give a highly textured and tactile finish. I apply a variety of surface treatments to get the desired effect. Some areas may be bare clay, acquiring colour and texture from the flames and ashes of the kiln. Others may be coated with one or more layers of slips and glazes that may be variegated across the surface of the piece, or have a very textural finish. Glazes often incorporate wood ash, or local clays and rocks, whose impurities and varied compositions add to the rich complexity of the finished piece, and use recipes that I have developed over the years. The pieces are then fired, using wood fired, gas, electric and raku kilns to get the desired results. Pieces may be fired multiple times, with layers of glaze added between each firing.

I have been making pots for over 12 years, becoming a full-time potter in 2019, after an initial career in yacht design and then maritime research. In 2021 I moved up here from the south of England.

In addition to my making, I run a number of technical courses for potters, both online and in person.

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Soup bowl and tea bowl

Tim Thornton
Tim Thornton


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Midway between Holme Lacy and Hoarwithy, just follow your satnav. Plenty of parking.

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