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Tim Rawlins - Bronze Works


Working studio. An exhibition of small contemporary bronzes including new work and works in progress. Includes an exhibition of photographs of studio and foundry working.
I have been playing with bronze for over 15 years and running my own foundry and teaching for 4 years. I also run "Black Mountain Bronze" making bronze casting affordable and accessible to students. Bronze is a beautiful and extraordinary material both to work with and to possess. It is contemporary and yet has strong echoes deep within our evolutionary past. Casting of bronze is a raw and elemental process that can be achieved around a campfire with beeswax and clay or in sophisticated foundries using high tech furnaces and technical materials. The heart of the process is the transformative slight of hand, like fossilisation where one object becomes another through extreme heat. Wax is replaced by bronze in the casting process, via a combination of intention, earth and fire. Finishing and colouring bronze is equally transformative, from the crude exposure to the weather or the sophisticated use of chemical sequences and heat. The work is time consuming and expensive, but well rewarded. Its energy, heft and subtleties combine with form to create an almost ineffable quality and presence to every work and as if that wasn’t enough, bronzes improve with age and handling and develop exciting new personalities.

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Tim Rawlins


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Old Stables
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01497 821663
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