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Tim Rawlins- Bronze Works


Working Studio. An exhibition of contemporary bronzes cast on site. Figurative and abstract works. Includes photographs and AV presentation of studio and foundry working . New works, photographs as well as representations from the Alchemy and Algorithm collaboration with photographer Matt Day as well as examples of workings from over 25 years of creative practice.

Alchemy and Algorithm a 3 month project to see explore the notions of craft, process and the power of creative opportunity that emerges from interdisciplinary collaboration. As well as producing new works through combinations of digital printing and more traditional craft, they have also produced a series of dynamic images that bear witness to an artist’s life and the skill of a narrative eye.

Bronze casting is an ancient craft. It has at its heart the alchemical sleight of hand to transform and fragile organic object into an resilient inorganic object through the agency of extreme heat and fire. The idea and sculpting of the piece is free form and still touch on ideas out of mind felt but unseen, but the actual casting process is an algorithm with its own rules and calculations that need to be adhered to.

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