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Artist Wendy Healey has opened her studio and garden to exhibit her sculptural artwork. Wendy explores our bodies, minds, environment - what makes us who we are-humanness. Her making is intuitive as she follows the sensory rhythm of found natural and manufactured materials from her surroundings . Her making investigates a new kind of materiality fusing and transforming things-debris, mud, brambles, muslin, plaster, plastic, dough, baby wipes…….As a Child Psychotherapist she interweaves her interest in the conscious and unconscious, between our internal and external worlds into her making. She energises matter creating forms and non-forms that inhabit an ‘in-between place’. Her sensory, fragile yet resilient non-binary pieces reflect the complexity of being human and what shapes our identity. Her work encourages the viewer to consider unlikely juxtapositions and be part of an interactive process that explores our internal and external landscapes.

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Wendy Healey


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Tessall Cottage
Little Dewchurch
A49 turn to Little Dewchurch after Plough pub road on right for 1 mile, venue on right.

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