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Kim Whitby BEd MA.
Drawings and paintings made predominantly en plein air in ink, watercolour or oil. Award winning artist, Sky Arts LAOTY finalist and teacher.
“I draw and paint from life; frequently outdoors.My strongest work is usually made from direct observation or en plein air. I love to immerse myself in environments that have a particular historical or geographical interest, or some type of uniqueness. I am mostly known for working in black ink, but I also enjoy working in colour on both paper and with oil paint. I work representationally but am concerned with the abstract elements of visual art. I am drawn to tonal and patterned things; enjoying the mark making opportunities and challenges these aspects can present. Structures attract me as subject matter; they bring form to my to compositions. I relish exploring scale in both, the formats I work in, and by attempting to capture a sense of scale and the impact of something’s size in my work.”
Kim Whitby is award winning and works from direct observation and outdoors en plein air. She is best known for her work in ink on paper but she also enjoys colour working both in watercolour and oil paint. Kim won Pintar Rapido and was a finalist on Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year.
She is also a qualified, experienced teacher working nationally and internationally.

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