Umbellifer Slate carving
Caitriona Cartwright
mosaic sculpture
Victoria Harrison
paper scupture
Kate Kato (Kasasagi)
blown glass sculpture
Karlin Rushbrooke
oil painting
Alison MacGregor Grimley

Jenny Crisp Basketmaker


Jenny has been a professional basket maker and willow grower for 30 years. Based in Herefordshire, she grows the willow, to make the baskets, to sell directly to the public. She creates, educates and exhibits passing on her knowledge and skills to an ever appreciative audience. The work is both traditional and contemporary. Retaining a respect for long established traditions Jenny makes for contemporary living. Her products are both functional and decorative and are for indoor and outdoor use. These range from small items such as trivets used in the kitchen to large scale woven walls built on site outdoors.

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135 Bargates
135 is on the A44 west from Leominster midway between the town centre and Morrisons.

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