Umbellifer Slate carving
Caitriona Cartwright
paper scupture
Kate Kato (Kasasagi)
blown glass sculpture
Karlin Rushbrooke
oil painting
Alison MacGregor Grimley
mosaic sculpture
Victoria Harrison

DKP Gallery: Molly Bythell


Introducing Molly Bythell, a young and exciting new artist, at DKP Gallery. Her collection of joyous paintings explore women today, allowing viewers to experience female paintings from a female perspective. A woman without limits; manipulating the figure to allow it freedom and pleasure, rather than being subject to the male gaze.

Molly recently hosted Available, a solo exhibition at The Craft Gallery Hereford, and exhibited in ‘FBA Futures’ at the Mall Galleries London, opposite Buckingham Palace. In July, she took part in PoARTry, a collaboration of art and poetry in Ledbury. Molly’s unsuspecting subjects pull the rug from under usual stereotypes. She’s not your typical, run of the mill artist and you don’t want to miss her at DKP Gallery, The Left Bank Village. A place of culture, that enjoys a reputation for bucking with convention.

With a special PREVIEW from 6 – 9pm on FRIDAY 7th September.

De Koffie Pot Cafe/Bar is a much-loved coffee house overlooking the glorious River Wye. A cafe by day serving extra special nosh with lots of emphasis on local, organic, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. De Koffie Pot is part of The Left Bank Village, and is 100 metres from Hereford Cathedral, next to the ancient Wye Bridge. To find out what other public events are coming up, please visit

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Artists Exhibiting at DKP Gallery: Molly Bythell

Molly Bythell


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De Koffie Pot, The Left Bank Village
Bridge Street
De Koffie Pot is 100 metres from Hereford Cathedral, next to the ancient Wye Bridge.

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