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Wendy Houghton

How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

Ceramic artist

My work consists of delicate abstract sculptures and wall pieces.  Photographs of magnified sections of plants inspired me to look at the simplest of forms and consider the likely outcomes if I was to use these components as building bricks.  With the sculptures there is no anticipated outcome - they grow organically – the resulting piece can surprise.  It’s a very different procedure for the wall pieces.  Small individual handmade pieces, similar but different, each with their own characteristics sit on accurately drawn-up grids.  The interest comes from the tension between the precise and the almost alike.

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Artwork for Wendy Houghton

Dome series

porcelain sculpture

"Rocks 1"

detail of porcelain sculpture

Detail of "Rocks 1"

framed porcelain art


framed porcelain artwork


Detail of porcelain sculpture

Detail of "Bobbin"


9 Bankside Studios, Little Marcle Road, Ledbury
For you what does being an artist mean?: 

The art of ‘making’ is enjoying a happy revival.  Part of my recent studies included research into why so many people want to learn new making skills and devote so much of their leisure time in arts and crafts.  I was (and still am) fortunate to personally experience the sense of calm and well-being during and after a long day in the workshop.  Every day I feel so very lucky to be able to follow a lifelong wish to make and explore the potential of my making ideas.

CV & Education: 

Summer 2013 graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan, School of Art and Design – BA (Hons) Ceramics

Practice & Activities: 
Clay, specifically porcelain, was my original material of choice. I particularly enjoy the way the clay captures the fingerprints of the maker in the finished piece. Cotton thread, knitting wool, dressmaker pins have recently been included as I look tow

November 2014 – Craft in the Bay, Cardiff – a group exhibition of graduates from Cardiff School of Art and Design

Numerous open studio exhibitions and events since 2013 at Bankside Studios, Ledbury

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