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Tim Rawlins

How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

Sculptor and bronze caster

When I work with plastic materials like wax and clay I sculpt quickly and instinctively, responding to what is happening in front of me. Likewise when assembling sculptures or finishing, it is the emotional feel of the piece or arrangement that ultimately dictates the final form. In this way I hope to create work that is both fluid and energetic as well as fresh and suprising to me.

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Artwork for Tim Rawlins

 bronze & hardwood sculpture

Rapport bronze & hardwood 40cm H

Raven's Head bronze 10cm H

Raven's Head bronze 10cm H

Mermaid sculpture bronze 30cm H

Mermaid bronze 30cm H

cast iron sculpture

Untitled cast iron & hardwood 50cm H

bronze sculpture

Figure bronze & hardwood


Cusop Dingle, Hereford

2016 - Solo Show 'Corpus Terram', Open Studio - h.Art, group h.Art show SMAAAK, Kingsland

2014 - Solo 'Body Works' Hay on Wye

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