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How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

I create original pieces in wax and mixed media and then operate a small foundry and finishing shop to translate these ideas into the finished bronze. I have chosen not to use foundries to cast my work, instead taking control of the casting and finishing allows for greater experimentation and spontaneity. My work is rooted in the collective unconscious and ancient secular spiritual connections.

For you what does being an artist mean?: 

Freedom to create and explore ideas as they arise. Being an artist is a metaphor for conscious empowered personal development and personal expression. It is also a license to play and a whole lot of fun.

Describe what you call yourself/your practice?: 

Creative, visual artist and educator. I currently create bronze sculptures. I also teach bronze casting and run casting courses

Your practice & activities include e.g workshops, teaching: 

I have taught creativity to business and facilitated creative exploration as well as art education and practical bronze casting .
Bronze is an extraordinary material to work with and to behold. I have now become more than just an artist in bronze, because to satisfy my desire for immediacy and a vibrant way of working I have set up a small foundry to allow me to cast all my own work. I have been working from my new studio and casting facility in the Welsh borders and also at MAKE, a Community arts project in Hereford and working with students at Hereford Art College. I have developed an exciting process of direct wax working and bronze casting that suits my own work and is ideally suited to workshops and courses. Over the last 5 years I have worked to create a number of collections comprising over 80 pieces of new work as well as facilitating other artists to find expression through the medium of hot metal.

My calling to be a sculptor was unexpected; it happened over 25 years ago in India, and emerged as a fully formed idea, out of nowhere, and could not be ignored. Trusting my instincts I have learnt my craft as a way of exploring personal archetypal forms, internal imagery and connecting with a larger collective deep memory. My working methods need to be free, responsive and direct.

Initially I trained as a ceramicist, hand working with clay. My methods have always been earthy, visceral, primal, and iterative and have always needed the alchemy of fire to complete the creation. Starting with clay and watching what emerged in my hands and responding suited my need for direct earth connection, and the kiln supplied the required alchemy.

When I first had pieces cast by the foundry I lost contact with the essence of the work and connection with the process. Risk and chance come into play when I work, I found the act of selecting work to cast and then handing over control to metal workers and finishers restricted my range of creative expression and opportunity for the unexpected.

I now work directly in wax, pour the bronze myself, cold work and weld and finally colour through chemical patination and polishing. This means that I am in control and able to respond creatively at every stage, keeping the work fresh and vibrant.

CV & Education, relevant & leading to your artistic practice: 

Formal training 2 years in Ceramics at Windsor College, 6 six years sculpture with Mary Orram and 2 years at Hereford College of Art. Predominantly autodidactic, preferring to develop a lot of my own techniques and processes in response to the needs of my work as it develops. I take inspiration from all media and art forms but try not to be overtly influenced by any particular style, preferring instead to explore my own inspiration and concentrating on developing a very personal style of expression.

2020 Alchemy and Algorithm, Found Gallery Brecon
2019 Alchemy and Algorithm, Orchard Gallery, Hereford
2017 Artist in residence Out of Nature, Newport House.
2017. Residency at Scottish Sculpture Workhouse.
2016-17 Advisor to MAKE CIC Working to develop and support Herefordshire craft workers
2015-17 Set up small scale bronze foundry and portable teaching facility.
2015 Residency at Castle Fine Arts Foundry
2012- 13 Study for Masters in Art and Psychotherapy and Newport University
2012- Set up new studio in Hay on Wye
2005-2010 Developing Creativity in Business and the Wizards Network
2005-2007 Developmental studies at Hereford College of Art (portfolio course)
2005- Founder member of “Creative Circles”, an artists economic cluster, supported by Hereford Creative Industries and Advantage West Midlands, to create exhibiting and export opportunities overseas.
2001-2005 Established working studio and Gallery in Welsh Borders
1996-2001 Mentored by Sculptor Mary Orram, working with her in her studio in Great Missenden Bucks
1998-2000 Established working and exhibiting studio in Maidenhead Berks
1996-1998 City and Guilds Ceramics and Design, East Berks College, Windsor , Berks
1984-1996 Business, Marketing, Financial Management , Sales and IT skills from previous occupation..

Teaching and workshops;

• Designing and running creative workshops for business
• Inspirational Talks at conferences on diversity and also technical talks to collectors and artist groups.
• Working with local schools on small arts projects to support the National curriculum.
• Facilitating at summer arts school, providing inspiration and technical support.
• Creative facilitation workshops with business leaders and NGO’s, designed to deepen understanding and practice of core ethical values in business.
• Creative advisor and panel reviewer for DPA international project working with Bristol-Myers Squibb and Otsuka pharmaceuticals on the launch of new schizophrenia drug Abilify.
• Lecturer at Schumacher College.
• Established small bronze foundry and teaching facility in Hereford.


Group Exhibitions and Shows
2013 Out of Nature, Newport House
2012 States of Mind, MA Art Psych show, University of Wales, Newport
2007 Art on the Grass, Tunbridge Kent
2006 Hay Literary festival
2005 Helsinki, Creative Industries Showcase
Cork St, London W1 “Six Ways”
2004 Buckinghamshire Open Studios
“Art on the Grass”, Tunbridge, Kent.
2003 “Art in Clay” National ceramics festival Hatfield House Hertford
Buckinghamshire Open Studios
Newport House open show, Hereford
Herefordshire Open Studios
2002 “Art in Clay” National Ceramics Festival Hatfield House, Hertford
Buckinghamshire Open Studios
Herefordshire Open Studios project.
“Art on The Grass”, Tunbridge, Kent
2001 Contemporary Art 2001, Islington Design Centre, London
Buckinghamshire Open Studios
2000 National Ceramics Festival, Hatfield House, Hertfordshire
Buckinghamshire Open Studios
1999 SOFA New York representation
Wooburn Arts Festival, Buckinghamshire
Hampton Court. Surrey.
National Ceramics Festival, Hatfield, Hertfordshire
New Eden Exhibition, Hampshire

Solo Shows
2016 Corpus Terram, Open Studio, h Art.
2014 “Body Works” Hay on Wye
2004 “Anatomy of Desire”, Guardian Literary Festival.
2003 “Timeless”, Globe Gallery, Times Literary Festival
2002 “Blue” Globe Gallery, Powys
2001 “Roots and Bones” Guardian Literary Festival, Powys
2000 “Something Very Different”, Henley Exhibition Centre, Oxon
1999 “Offside View Inside Mirror” Henley Exhibition centre, Oxon
1998 “Big Bold and Bizarre”, Henley Exhibition Centre, Oxon

Selected Galleries
Work has been exhibited at :
Gallery Fine New Bond St, London W1
CCA Galleries London SW6
Salthouse Galleries St Ives, Cornwall
St Ives Ceramics St Ives, Cornwall
Maltby Gallery Winchester, Hants
Red Gallery Marlow, Bucks
Blue Stone Gallery Salisbury
New Studio Gallery Olney, Bucks.

Work is in Private collections in UK, Europe, Australia and USA.

Other Projects.

2015 Working in partnership with Hereford Make CIC to develop and promote a training and work facility to support a vibrant creative community of Blacksmiths, Metal Workers, Bronze Casters and Makers

2007 Mentor for Princes Trust

2007 Founder member of “Finding the Balance” a creative forum that takes talented creative individuals into the heart of businesses to help foster novel and sustainable working practices and long term personal development.

2005 Started collaboration as creativity consultant with The Wizards Network, an organisation committed to “making work better”.

2004 Set up Journey Makers a collaboration of three creative artists committed to putting art into the heart of business and the workplace to bring about organisational improvement.

2003 Set up and running a creative forum for local artists in Hereford, to support individual artistic practices as well as foster collaboration.

2001 Creativity consultant using creative arts with business executives and environmental groups to facilitate communication and understanding of complex issues and team dynamic.

Exhibitions in the last 3 years: 

Alchemy and Algorithm, Found Gallery Brecon
Alchemy and Algorithm, Orchard Gallery, Hereford
Artist in residence Out of Nature, Newport House.
. Residency at Scottish Sculpture Workhouse.
h.Art 2017, 18, 19.

Your gallery outlets/stockists: 

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Venues Confirmed: 

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