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Tamsin Abbott

How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

Stained Glass Illustrator

My work is inspired by the British Countryside, not just its beauty and drama but also the invisible tapestry of its myth and folklore interwoven in it. I love our familiar flora and fauna that we feel connected to, as well as the everyday human events such as hanging out the washing or keeping snug inside during the wintertime. I try to imbue even the smallest pieces of my work with this sense of magic, to do justice both to the subject matter of my work but also to the glass itself; a material with alchemical qualities and a mystery all of its own.

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Artwork for Tamsin Abbott

Ancestors in the stars

Otter pool

Summer hares

Autumn at donkey cottage

Autumn hares

painted stained glass

Twilight at Shepherd's hut 135 x 185mm

painted, engraved stained glass

King of the Moor 187 x 267mm

painted stained glass

Barn Owl by Moonlight 148 x 149mm

painted stained glass

Woodland Midnight Hare 270 x 178mm

painted engraved stained glass

The Princess of the Forest at the End of the World 235 x 393mm


East Herefordshire
01886 880240
For you what does being an artist mean?: 

Being an artist I just part of life itself. It can be full of an enchantment so fulfilling that it can take one out of the ordinary existence of life but it can also be an incredible struggle to keep going and be self-motivated and self-assured.

CV & Education: 

I have a first class honours degree in literature specializing in Medieval literature.

I have an A level in Art and a btec in Foundation Art.

18 years ago I attended an evening class at Hereford College of Art in stained glass. After 3 years I stopped attending the course and began to sell my work. Occasionally I have attended one-day workshops in areas specific to glass in order to develop my practice but on the whole I have developed my style and manner of working as I have gone along. I recently realised that I now 'think' in stained glass designs!

Practice & Activities: 
My practice mainly consists of making work to sell in galleries which are mainly centred around the Marches although I do take part in exhibitions in Great Britain

I have taken part in many mixed exhibitions across the country.

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