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Rachel Ricketts

How would you describe the work you do and why?: 


My working practice consists mainly of sculpture as the media allows an immediate, spontaneous and visceral response to my perceptions of the natural world.

I use a variety of different materials, including clay, welded ribbon steel, paper, bronze, silver and sometimes incorporate butterfly debris and feathers, whatever the piece of work requires. I work mostly with animal forms and, increasingly, with zoomorphic figures. I am interested in mythology, ritual and the relationship between humans and other animals so these interests show in what I do creatively.

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Artwork for Rachel Ricketts


Captive Pegasus and Red Nick

Scribble Dog Lurcher

Bird Doll Trinity

Bird Doll Trinity

Tiny Horse with Wings


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For you what does being an artist mean?: 

"Being an artist" is not something that I give much consideration to. It's something I do through a sense of compunction rather than as a job choice and it means getting by financially rather than being comfortably off, as one might be with a proper job, yet it can still feel like a great privilege. It also comes with a sense of having something important to communicate to others and of never quite doing an adequate job of it. Striving to do so is what gets me up in the mornings and to make me feel there are never quite enough hours in the day.

CV & Education: 

BA(hons) degree in fine art (painting) from Norwich School of Art, graduating in 1980.

HNDBtech   in restoration and conservation of fine art and antiquities, from Lincoln College of Art and Technology 1988

As a sculptor I am self-taught and have been working in this field exclusively since 1996.

Practice & Activities: 
Being in the workshop and keeping Studio 54 Gallery open as much as possible.

I exhibit continuously at The Lion Street Gallery in Hay-on-Wye; Erwood Station Gallery, and The Ledbury Gallery, as well as at my own premises: Studio 54 Gallery, Kington, and once or twice a year at the RBSA Gallery, Birmingham.

in 2017 I exhibited in outdoor shows at Queninton, Ampfield and the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens during the summer and had a piece of work in a touring exhibition for a year. The exhibition was called 'Re-imagining The Laws of England', it began at The Rodd, Presteigne and included the Palace of Westminster Library. During 2017 - 18 I have been devoting a great deal of time, energy and enthusiasm to the inaugural Marches Makers Festival in a curatorial capacity as well as being an exhibitor. Thankfully it turned out to be a great success!

In 2017 and 1018 I received certificates of High Commendation from the RBSA.

In 2018 I will also be exhibiting, during h.Art, at Canwood Gallery and, throughout June, at The John Noott Gallery, Broadway.

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