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Guy Butcher

How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

Furniture maker


I am a furniture maker, now in my twenty-fifth year of making.  My work ranges from original contemporary, to traditional and even historic. Material, finish and purpose are the key components that drive what I make. Recent changes, or additions to my work include wooden surf craft and skateboards.

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Artwork for Guy Butcher

“Daria’s Desk” Desk in Figured Bosse with Bronze detail and leather inset top

Console table in English Walnut and antique French Walnut, with Yew and Bronze details.

“Emma’s Lamp” and matching side table in English Sweet Chestnut. Lampshade by artist Emma Hardicker


“Daria’s Desk”


Console table


“Emma’s Lamp” and matching side table. Lampshade by artist Emma Hardicker

A modern take on the traditional Cornish bellyboard. Artwork collaboration with artist Matthew Wigglesworth


Canon Frome nr Ledbury
01531 670160

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