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Artwork for Geoffrey Vaughan

Upper Wye 8 x 6 cm


01432 830441
How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

Once an abstract painter, now concentrating on more traditional work. Large paintings may involve the palette knife. My subject matter is wide ranging , frequently landscape and wildlife and all the elements of an agricultural county. I also still refer back to my first, military, career .

For you what does being an artist mean?: 

It is my profession. My earliest memory is of accompanying my mother as she painted a nearby church across the fields, and then a few years later being given a basic oils set and wondering why the resultant mess wasn't a Constable. In effect art has always been there.

Describe what you call yourself/your practice?: 

G.R.Vaughan ARMS

CV & Education, relevant & leading to your artistic practice: 

A Herefordian, following a military career mainly in and around the middle east, during which I had my first solo exhibition, I decided to change course; I studied art and classical techniques. I then became primarily an abtract painter of what were termed 'archaic abstracts' by an early sponsor, painting large murals, until today I am a representational and traditionalist painter. Being elected an associate of the Royal Miniature Society has meant a move to smaller precise work, though I still produce large pieces often with a palette knife.

Exhibitions in the last 3 years: 

Royal Miniature Society Annual exhibitions

Venues Description: 
Oils and Oak, venue 77, Canon Pyon Village Hall HR4 8NY
Venues Confirmed: 

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