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Artwork for Fiona McIntyre

Ancient Oak Supporting an Eco-system, Horners Wood

Pareidolic Oak, Horners Wood

Reincarnating Ancient Oak, Horners Wood

Wisdom Tree - Old Oak, Horners Wood Sanguine on paper

How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

My subjects of unspoilt nature and trees are painted with oils, in vivid gestural chromatic layers of shifting colour, with which I attempt to describe a sort of life-force, making the unseen visible thereby transforming our viewpoint to encourage a reconnection to an increasingly threatened natural world. Critics have described this as a fusion of Colourist Expressionist Romanticism in a thread connecting us to art history. Artists such as Samuel Palmer and William Blake hold great fascination for me because of their visionary interpretation of ancient landscape being rapidly destroyed by the process of industrialisation and something that clearly resonates in 2022. In my own work I have a particular fascination with unspoilt landscape, ancient trees, mythology and the early ancestors who helped shape our landscape through constant migration and the recognition that we are all connected across the planet through this commonality. We can learn from the wisdom of early man who trod lightly on the earth; respectfully observing the heavens and honouring the sacredness of landscape, trees and water.

Right now I feel strongly that that my work can make a difference to environmental issues and to this effect I have collaborated on art/eco projects with The Arborealists but also with the international group Oika which seeks to use art to awaken our environmental intelligence. Last year I staged the solo exhibition 'Arboreal' at the end of the second lockdown and a percentage of sales went towards supporting the tree planting charity Tree For Cities. For the last few years I have been developing work inspired by four particular landscapes within Europe within which I have a personal experience, and this is leading at last to a combined group and solo exhibition of my work in 'Sense of Place' at Bermondsey Project Space, London with which I have been working closely with curator Dr Philippa Beale to coordinate artists and evolve the concept.

For you what does being an artist mean?: 

In order to connect more directly with my surroundings I've been exploring pigments which I mull into oil paint and making inks from a variety of foraged materials, many of which are incorporated into my paintings and drawings. I believe that my work has the ability to mirror the time we inhabit and therefore act as an important but subtle record of emotions, environments and events which can lead to discussion and dissemination of important and sometimes forgotten knowledge.

Describe what you call yourself/your practice?: 

Painter printmaker

Your practice & activities include e.g workshops, teaching: 

I have 36 years experience exhibiting, teaching workshops, demonstrations, short courses and public talks at adult education, art foundation and post graduate levels in a number of venues including Lund and Malmo in Sweden, Bath, London, Hampshire and Gloucestershire. I am a regular tutor at Marlborough College Summer School and last May I was invited to Gibraltar to give a public talk on 'Why Artists Paint Trees' at Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery and Marchmont House, Scotland in June of last year. More recently I was invited to contribute an essay for 'Tree of Life' catalogue accompanying the exhibition at Stanton Guildhouse, Gloucestershire, curated by Frank Creber.

CV & Education, relevant & leading to your artistic practice: 

Winchester School of Art in Barcelona - MA European Fine Art
Grafikskolan Forum, Malmo, Sweden
Edinburgh College of Art - BA hons. Drawing & Painting
WSCAD - Art and Design Foundation Diploma
Farnborough College of Technology - HNC Graphic Design

Fiona McIntyre has developed her art career over 36 years at studios and locations including Iceland, Sweden and Scotland, where she trained in Painting and Drawing at Edinburgh College of Art, then Winchester School of Art studios in Barcelona. ​In Sweden Fiona was mentored by Surrealist printmaker Bertil Lundberg, who had worked with Stanley William Hayter of Atelier 17, Paris. Her work has been included in numerous publications and catalogues including the monograph 'Fiona McIntyre: A Tree Within' edited and including an interview by Dr. Alan Wilkinson, published by Sansom & Co, 2016 and the artist has been interviewed for Swedish National Radio, BBC Radio Gloucestershire and BBC Radio Somerset. Her painting 'Greening Deep' was featured in the Telegraph and Times in articles on the inaugural exhibition of The Arborealists 'The Art of Trees' Royal West of England Academy 2014.

Since 2004, Fiona has been resident in Gloucestershire practising from her studio near Cirencester and is a member of the GPC Gloucestershire Print Cooperative. She has been a founding member of The Arborealists since their inception in 2014.

This September 2021 Fiona begins a residency at the Sidney Nolan Trust, where she will develop a new body of work; paintings, drawings and prints inspired by the landscape of Herefordshire.

Exhibitions in the last 3 years: 

December 2022 'Sense of Place' - Bermondsey Project Space, London
May 2022 'Dreaming the land' - Rodd Court, Herefordshire for the Sidney Nolan Trust
May 2021 'Arboreal' - Hallidays Mill Gallery, Chalford, Gloucestershire

2022 'Shades of Green' - Sandra Higgins, Bath
2021 'Woodland and Trees of Exmoor' - Lanacre Barn, Withypool
2021 'Concrete Castles' - Royal Military Museum, Bodmin
2020 'The Arborealists' - National Memorial Arboretum Staffordshire
2020 'Being With Trees' - Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery, Gibraltar
2020 'The Arborealists on Dartmoor' - Somerset Museum, Taunton
2019 'Romantics' - St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, Lymington
2019 'The Arborealists' - Fyne Court, Somerset
2019 'The Art of the Tree' - Young Gallery, Salisbury
2019 'The Art of the Tree' - Turbine House Reading Museum
2019 'The Arborealists' - Collegiate Sainte-Croix de Loudun, France
2019 'Water of the World' - Wetpaint Gallery, Cirencester
2019 'Wasteland' Horesebridge Centre, Whitstable, Dungeness
2019 'Spring Exhibition' - Campden Gallery, Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire

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Sandra Higgins

Robert Eagle Fine Art

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