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Claire McKnight

How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

Artist/Designer/Stained Glass Maker

My paintings nearly always contain people or animals, often birds and circus-like people. It is generally in acrylic on various grounds ie.canvas, wood panels or heavy watercolour paper. I devote a huge amount of time to each painting so to alleviate what sometimes feels like an overwhelming inward scream, I jump from one discipline to another. When I complete a painting it's a pleasure to move on to a piece of stained glass because it needs to be designed and then constructed and there's no going back! Painting is so different - constant thought and changes.

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Artwork for Claire McKnight

She Marries the Sea

Stained glass box


figurative fantasy painting

First Snow

pencil drawing

Keeper of the Seas (1)


Keeper of the Seas (2)

stained glass

Stained glass 'picture' light

bird & woods



Symonds Yat West
For you what does being an artist mean?: 

I think the word 'artist' means someone whose head is filled with ideas, and somehow those ideas have to come out in a way that suits them.

I don't like defining one type of an artist from another because it seems to promote a kind of snobbery.

For a long time I only painted and then for some reason, I stopped liking what I was doing so Iearnt how to throw clay. I then moved on to making large hand built vessels depicting my paintings and in turn that led me to stained glass.

Now I do all three and it makes me happy.

CV & Education: 

1974 - 1975  Foundation Year, Newport College of Art

1975 - 1978  BA Honours Visual Communication, Bath Academy of Art

1978 - 1981  Freelance Illustrator

1981 -           Started painting and selling seriously

1990 - 1992  Lived in Australia where the colours influenced me and have stayed with me. Exhibited whilst I was there.

1992 - 2015  Lived in Wiltshire - exhibited widely

2000 - 2015  Member of Wagon Yard Artists, Marlborough where I learnt about clay and glass

2015             Moved ot Symonds Yat and exhibtied with FarOpen Studios

2016            Joined Made in Ross Artists/Craftsperson's Cooperative

Practice & Activities: 
that happen at Made in Ross where I'm a member of an artist/craftsperson's cooperative. I rarely do painting commissions but am happy to do some glass commmissions, time permitting.

2016 - Forest and Valley Open Studios

2017 - Craft Renaissance Gallery Abergavenny - Untitled Exhibition

2017 - h.Art group exhibition at Made in Ross

2018 - FarOpen Studios

2018 - Craft Renaissance Gallery Abergavenny - 'All Things Green'

2018 - Annual Exhibition at Made in Ross - 'Earth and Air'

2018 - h.Art group exhibition at Made in Ross

2019 - Annual Exhibition at Made in Ross - 'Fire and Water'



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