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Artwork for Andrew Harston

The Whimble - watercolour

Charles Darwin - Biro on paper

Love the feel - Acrylic on canvas

Trinity trip - acrylic on canvas

Glenn Orchy, Scotland - Watercolour

Jimi Hendrix - Acrylic on canvas

Scotland, Glenn Orchy - watercolour

Scotland - watercolour


How would you describe the work you do and why?: 

I would describe my work as exploration, seeking to find what it is that makes me tick. After a series of spiritual awakenings around 2015 i changed my life direction from design engineering to artist/musician, I have been searching ever since. Having developed a proficiency in most areas of exploration my focus has presently landed on landscapes, in particular watercolours! My interests also lay in portraiture and a strong desire for learning stone carving.

For you what does being an artist mean?: 

The deeper root for my creative process and being an artist is not necessarily to create in itself, but to understand myself and to grow spiritually. Ever searching for a true reflection of my souls desires for expression and honesty!

Describe what you call yourself/your practice?: 

I'm a multi faceted artist exploring a variety of mediums and styles! From photo realistic drawings and paintings to impressionism and abstract work, psychedelia, wood carving and soon to be dabbling with stone carving.

Your practice & activities include e.g workshops, teaching: 


CV & Education, relevant & leading to your artistic practice: 

Art GCSE, Design Technology A-level, Product design BA honours

Exhibitions in the last 3 years: 


Your gallery outlets/stockists: 

All private sales

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